Worsening acne with age.

I am 32 years old and experiencing worsening acne as I get older. I am getting cystic acne lately and its very painful. My skin is combination and I want to get in to see a Dermotologist but they cant get me in til june! Is there anything you recommend until then? I currently wash my face at night with Cerave SA wash and lotion and in the morning i rinse and used Aveeno CC daily tinted moisturiser.

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Acne problems not responding

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I would try another Dermatologist first. It sounds like more OTC medications won't help but make sure you are on benzyl peroxide and a glycolic wash. Also, other physicians can take care of acne. I see many acne patients that are responding to traditional therapy. I use chemcial peels, lasers, and even Botox for acne. I wouldn't wait 6-7 months to see a doctor. See link.

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