Getting Multiple Different Treatments, How Do I Decide What To Do When?

I want multiple treatments(nosejob,eyebrow lift,chinlipo) in 1 year. Best idea would be,everything first & fractional laser threatment at last.But would it be possible to do the fractional co2 laser earlier? In other words: Are scars of nosejob,eyebrow lift,chin lipo that little/minimum;so that I wouldN'T have to keep the fractional co2 laser end? I also ask this because: I would like to do a fractional co2 face peeling in winter, so that everthing would be recovered in spring suntime.

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You can do it the laser first

laser will take care of a completely different body part, the skin. So you can take care of skin anytime. If you decide to get nose job, chin lipo etc, you can get them afterwards or before. Doesn't matter. You don't have big scars with nose job, and chin lipo anyways.

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