Will breast size decrease with weight loss or do I need to do something to target that area, like take certain vitamins? (Photo)

I am 5'2 195 Ibs I need to loose weight and i want to decrease my bust size (I believe my bust size is causing the soreness I get in my upper middle back), would my bust size go down with weight loss or would I need to do something to target that area such as taking specific vitamins or minerals or eating certain fruits or vegetables. Are there low impact exercises I can do that will target the muscles in my chest and back besided pushups?

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Some breasts deflate with weight loss, others not so much

The amount of breast volume reduction you experience with weight loss really depends on how much fat is in your breasts. Breasts are composed of fat tissue and glandular tissue. If you have mostly fat tissue, you can expect to lose more volume than if you have mostly glandular tissue. A glandular breast feels firm and frequently is described as being dense on a mammogram. There is no dietary advice specific to weight loss in the breast. General weight loss advice is sufficient.

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