Can Oily Skin Be Treated Without Accutane?

Oily skin has caused my 10 years with acne (now 24yrs old) Can oily skin be effectively treated without Accutane? Over active sebaceous glands cause my whiteheads & blackheads. I've suffered since I was 14 and many people are in the same boat as me, oily skin is horrible & dont mention Accutane thats too temporary, please be unique with the answer, we have tried it all! Thank you so much.

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Oil production

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There is no magic pill or cream for over production of sebum. Some people use products that have absorbing material within them to keep the skin as mat as possible. Some doctors recommend tretinoin (Retin A) in mild doses, as it can irritate the skin which can then cause rebound increased sebum production, and as the tretinoin is similar to Accutane's molecular structure, it may decrease the oil production. See a dermatologist for their evaluation.

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