Are There Any At-Home Treatments to Remove Under Eye Grooves and Lines?

I'm 15 year old girl, I have just noticed deep blue/purple grooves under my eyes. They were NOT there a month ago, I have pictures to prove it and both my friends and I would have noticed before.. My mom has them to, but in old pictures (even with bad lighting) she Didn't have them in early life. is there any way to get rid of them at home? Is it baby fat that will go away in a few years? is it cheek fat or just droopy skin? bottom line question WILL IT GO AWAY

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Hear me on this....


You are a pretty 15 year old girl and at this point in your life you should be focusing MUCH more on your school and future and enjoying time with your friends instead of focusing on little things that make us all unique and make us human.  You are way too young to worry about your lower eyelids at this age.  Please stop wasting time online and on chat rooms and blogs trying to find and answer to your problem.  You dont have a problem! 

If you were older I would tell you that fat injections or restylane injections may help improve the groove with is called a "tear trough" but your face is young and it is going to go through dramatic changes over the next 10-20 years so dont mess with it now.  There is no at home remedy as long as you are eating well and sleeping well.  You should see your pediatrician to make sure you are healthy and to make sure there is no underlying issues occuring.  Other than that, enjoy your teenage years and study and have fun. 

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