Best way to treat cheek? (Photos)

Hey! I used to have a lot of acne, but I cared for my skin and it went a way! I was left this 'indented scar'. I have lasered 6 times and it's still there. This new place's current plan is to do a new plasma infused laser 6 times, while taking high care of my skin and then doing a filler. My goal is to get Hollywood skin, or close because I plan on doing some modeling, and I'm making sure I shouldn't punch graft or subcision for best results. Please help make sure I'm on the right track!

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Treatment for large dent in cheek

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There is no way this will improve without filler placement. This can be done with Bellafill, HA, or fat. I prefer Bellafill in this situation. You will get immediate correction with this treatment. It is done with subcision at the same time. Infini is my go to device for acne scars.

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