Is It Normal to Wait 2 Weeks Post-op Bleph to Start Massaging with Mederma or Cream, Just Leave Dry?

I had Bilateral upper Bleph 1 week ago, sutures removed after 5 days. Everything looks good, just didn't think scars would be this noticeable but I KNOW I need to give it more time :). My Surgeon advised to wait a week S/P suture removal and then gently massage with mederma or cream, so in the meantime just leave them alone? And is it recommended to massage a few times daily versus just daily or is too much of a good thing not a good thing :) Thank uuu

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Blepharoplasty incisions fade

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The incisions will get so much better with time. Typically they will become almost non-perceptible. I find that a cream called "wound be gone" can be spread on the incisions in these early stages to make them heal faster and make them less noticeable faster. Massage is helpful as well. Two or three times a day for ten minutes or so works great. Rest assured, those incisions will get better quickly.

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