Non-invasive Treatments for Dark Circles Under Eyes?

I am an Asian female in her late 20's (medium toned skin) and was wondering how to treat or at least improve dark circles under the eyes. I do not want to inject nor have surgery on them which I know is a popular option. My circles are the only problem, I do not have any excess fat or bags under the eyes. It seems that my skin under my eyes is really thin making my dark circles more prominent. I am looking for laser procedures if that is possible? Thank you.

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You would likely do great with under eye fillers.

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Hi Girllikeyou

We get it.  Not everyone feels ready for what we have to offer.  A lot of the dark circles appearance is optical.  The dark circle concealers have reflective minerals in them like mica.  This helps reflect light back off the skin and helps hid the darkness.  Try these products first and if they work for you then you have dodged cosmetic treatment.  If they don't get the job done, we will be here for you.  Treatments are very comfortable and last about a year or more so not so bad.


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You might just need sinus medication

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Darkening under the eyes can be from sinus congestion causing a bluish hue under the skin that shows through if the skin is thin. Taking oral antihistamine/decongestants, using retinoids and peptides to thicken and strenghten the skin may improve this non-invasively. If pigment is also a factor, the retinoid creams should also help brighten the skin as well. Good luck.

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