Why can cortisone shots only be used on big cysts,why can't it be used on smaller pimples, because it will leave indent in skin?

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Cortisone for acne cysts

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I have seen severe atrophy with this type of treatment and don't advocate it. Other methods such as oral medications or lasers I feel are better alternatives. Even oral steroids are better in my opinion. 

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Cortisone injections

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Cortisone injection should be used by well qualified dermatologists only.IT should be used only for  acne after drainage of the contents of the cyst,in low concentration only,in very small amounts,Higher concentration,and high dosage can lead to scarring.Small acne will heal on its own or with topical medications.Not advisable to use cortisone injections as it can lead to scarring or dents on the skin

Milan Doshi, MS, MCh
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