Tummy After Twin Pregnancy? (photo)

I'm 25 years old 4,11 gave birth to twins dec/2011 before pregnancy i was 93 pounds at 7 months of my pregnancy my belly start to have so much stretch marks OMG :( at the end of pregnancy i was with 130 pounds.Baby A came vaginal, baby B had to rush for c-section and after all my wound had to be left open to close by itself now my belly has so many stretch marks and it looks weird,my c-section line has big scar i wonder what could i do to help with the stretch marks and my tummy cause looks bad

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Do tummy tuck after finished with pregnancies.

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1)  Your twin babies sure did a number on your stomach!  Now, you need to decide if you are having more children.  If you are, then I would hold off.  But if you are done with pregnancies, you will get great benefit from a tummy tuck.

2)  A tummy tuck will correct your bulging abdomen and the C section scar, and it will improve the stretch marks.  Your weight is fine.

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