What treatment would help the best? (Photo)

I know that i have varios types of acne scars, but i was wondering what would help the most?

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Facial scars?

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Acne scar treatment is based on the type of scars. You have saucer shaped scars on the cheeks and raised papules on the chin.
For rolling or saucer scars, subscision, fillers,microneedling, laser with sculptra.
Your chin would benefit from a Co2  laser or q switched laser.
Hope this helps

Englewood Dermatologic Surgeon
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Acne Scar Treatments

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Acne scars like yours typically require a combination of treatments.  I often inject Restylane into the scars to plump them up and create a more even surface.  Fraxel laser has really become the gold standard for laser hair removal in my practice.  After several sessions, the skin's texture, scars, and tone are significantly improved.  Please consult a board certified dermatologist for the best cosmetic results who understands acne and the appropriate lasers for acne scars based on skin type.

Fractional Laser for Acne Scars

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I would recommend a consultation with a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon to learn all of the various treatment options that are available to you. Most of us would recommend fractional lasers of some kind. There are non-ablative fractional lasers that take 4-6 visits to achieve an effect with minimal downtime for most of the patients treated. Ablative fractional lasers can also work well here – the UltraPulse ActiveFX and DeepFX will do the job here, as well as the Lumenis AcuPulse, the Syneron Core, the Ellman Cortex all work for these scars. Usually one treatment, sometimes two are needed – downtime can last up to one week in most cases.

We do have RF fractional technology – one known as the Syneron eMatrix can work really well for these types of acne scars and the work we did and published showed how effective this technology can be. As well, RF microneedling, such as the EndyMed Intensif, can work well with acne scars. RF technology has little downtime and 2-3 treatments are usually needed to give you the kind of results you are looking for.

Find the right physician with various lasers and lights, and learn about all the technology that is out there and can help you get the effect that will take care of most of those scars.

Michael Gold, MD
Nashville Dermatologic Surgeon
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