Boil Scars Buttock and Inner Thighs?

I had MRSA about 10 years ago, I had alot of boils on my inner thighs, close to my bikini line and vagina and inner buttock cheeks. The boils tunneled and left numerous scars. It still looks like I have boils. The area also turned brown. I am a white female. The scars are raised and fleshy. I went to a laser center and they lasered an area ,as a test, the area looks darker to me and its been 6 weeks. Ive tried 4% hydroquine and kojic acid with no results. Is this the right treatment?

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I am not sure what color your skin is and what laser was used. However, it often takes several months for discoloration to fade. Try to be patient and not look at it every day. Have someone take a picture of it and look at after a month to see if it is lighter. If either of the creams are irritatin your skin, you should stop them and call your doctor

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