Nasolabial Folds - 28 Male? (photo)

Hi. I am a 28 year old male and have recently been often mistaken for someone in their late 30s and once as over 40! I think part of the problem is a loss of elasticity in my skin, giving deep nose to mouth lines and sagging skin/deep lines on my neck, and crows feet around my eyes. Could you please advise what treatments you recommend to help with these? I am a fitness and health enthusiast,and look after myself with moisturising etc. Thanks in advance!

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Nasolabial fold issue in 28 y.o.

Thank you for the photos. It is difficult to see what is really going on though.  If it is truly a nasolabial fold issue, the best approach is usually a direct approach. Injectables can be very effective in this area. They fill in the contour. Please see an experienced and well trained injector. They will consult with you and together you will make a good decision.

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Nasolabial fold fillers such as Radiesse in Los Angeles

Volume restoration with Radiesse seems to be a good stimulatory filler that can improve your nasolabial folds. Raffy Karamanoukian, Los Angeles

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Softening Nasal Labial Folds For A Younger Look

The issue you are troubled with is a very common one that is easily addressed. The use of a filler injected directly into the area(s) of concern is straight forward and the result is immediate. The physician you choose will most likely have more than one filler as an option for you to have injected. The filler I tend to choose for this area is Radiesse, but the practitioner of your choice will guide you to what he or she feels is most appropriate for you. In my opinion a filler to replace volume to these areas of your face will leave you with a more youthful look.

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Wrinkles on Face

I have frequently seen individuals who are very athletic develop an aged look to their face because of their extremely low body fat composition.  Youthful faces have volume and when you lose this volume (subcutaneous fat) you can develop a more aged appearance to your face with deepening of the nasolabial folds being one of the most noticeable.

I would recommend restoring some volume back to the natural areas of the face from which you have lost volume with Radiesse.  Radiesse works very well in these areas which are very often just below your lower eyelids as well as the upper cheek more laterally.  If you restore volume in these areas you will lessen the depth of the nasolabial fold and you will have a very natural appearing result.

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