Will the stitches leave a scar and will the mustache be growing on it? (Photo)

Hi every1, today i got an injury between my nose n upper lips n i got one stitch so i want to ask will it leave a scar on my face and will the moustache grow on it? If it will leave a scar so what should i do to remove the scar and if moustache doesn't grows on it then what should i do to grow normal moustache on it? Plz answer as soon as possible as I'm having my interviews next month.

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Facial laceration

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Hello and thank you for your question- 

The laceration will leave a scar- there's no way around that. The scar will be minimized if it was closed by an experienced surgeon who focuses of soft tissue handling and minimizing scarring. 

- the suture there should not stay in for longer than 1 week or more scarring will result

hope this helps and God Bless!

Dr. Robb

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