How can I lose my weight fast n easy?

I am 23 age 67 kg height 5ft 8 inch want to lose belly fats quick and fast and how?

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What can you do to help you lose weight "fast and easy"

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That is the question most people ask, and the answer is that does not exist. Losing weight can be achieved faster and easier that sustained weight loss. Millions of people lose weight "fast and easy" only to gain it back and perhaps even more. However, in your case, your BMI is 23, which puts you in normal range. I found interesting that you used metric and imperial systems to describe your weight and height. Perhaps in your case you will benefit more from exercise and a low carbohydrate diet. Best of luck to you

Losing weight

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Losing weight is not easy for most people who are overweight. A lot depends on you and your   personality type, lifestyle, metabolism, and attitude. If you want to learn how to lose weight and keep it off for the rest of your life, you should do a program that encompasses all these aspects. Three main aspects for losing weight are eating right, exercising adequately, and getting support regularly. A restricted diet is necessary, such as < 1000 cals/day. Limit carbs such as sweets, breads, pastas; make sure you eat enough protein, at least 50 gm/day; eat lots of vegetables and some low glycemic fruits; some nuts and oils, such as olive oil.  Exercise regularly, every day if you can, with good vigorous activities. See a diet counselor or physician at least every other week; if you have a support person, use them. For further information on my plan, The True Diet, go to my website (see link below). I also utilize methods to change your metabolism, to make sure hormones are optimized, to lower inflammation, and much more. It’s not just calories in should be less than calories out. Good Luck.

Losing Weight Fast and Easy

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Hi! You are not too far from your ideal weight. I would suggest that 140 lbs would be good for you. But when it comes to weight loss you want to do it in a way so that it will never come back. That begins with a great diet with the that understanding that there are certain foods from which to say away and a good exercise regimen. Weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise. Avoid premade package food. Add greens with each meal along with fruits and protein. Chose quinoa, brown rice and yams instead of bread, pasta, corn and regular potatoes. Then I would suggest a cleanse like Isagenix. In a 9 day you can lose between 7 to 13 lbs. But to keep it off do what I suggested above. Then finally, finish it off with 1 to 2 treatments of SculpSure to remove unwanted left over fat permanently with this incredible diode laser technology that melts the fat away.

Christine Eros, MD
San Diego Family Physician
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