Why is my stomach so dark after Lipotherme and when will it go away?

I had Lipotherme on my upper and lower abs, flanks and bra line 6wks ago. I feel great, my skin has tightened and I am impressed with my results. However, the areas from the procedure are dark. The dr says because I am a woman of color the hyper-pigmentation would last longer. Is there anything I can do or buy to make this go away. Also, is this common? I remember my stomach looking darker after kids, but I don't recall how long it stayed that way. Please help

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Dark Skin After Lipotherme

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This is normal for a 4 or 5 Fitzpatrick (Darker pigmented skin) there are some products on the market that will help with "bruising" like Amica gel but a lot of this darkening of the skin will lighten with time. Avoid any UV exposure to avoid making the area darker. You need to make sure to do your massages post procedure for at least 6 weeks. Using Vitamin E oil pressing down relatively hard and rubbing in small circular motions 1-2 times daily will help loosen and flatten the treated area. But as stated above do not worry to much about the dark skin color as it will lighten back to normal with time. Keep in mind that this area has been through some heavy trauma and needs time to heal. Hope this helps!

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Discoloration After Procedure

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Thank you for your question. We have seen some respond to a tattoo laser as some of the color is just heme deposits, and the laser seems to break up the color, and it naturally absorbs in the tissues. I hope this helps!

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