Will my Skin Even out After Lightening Due to Laser Treatment

About 4 weeks ago I had laser (candella gentlelase) done to remove some sun spots. I didn't do any research on this and I'm pretty sick about the whole thing. The laser treatment lightened the dark pigmented spots but also lightened the skin around them. I think I was too tanned for this procedure and I also had had microdermabrasion done the previous day. I've been using sunblock but was curious if anyone else had this happen and if the sun eventually evened out their skin.

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Laser Treatment - Skin Lightening

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Thank you for your question. The skin will usually take some time to even out the color change.   Use sunscreen, and allow the pigment to return slowly spontaneously.  You have to be very cautious with lasers if you have tan skin as it can cause this reaction of post inflammatory hyper or hypopigmentation. Be certain to be under the supervision of a board certified dermatologist  with expertise in laser procedures on a future plan. I hope this helps.

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