Why does my scar look so red/brown/thick and it sometimes switches color from brown and pale red to red when I exercise? (photo)

I fell down on the road while jogging last month and hurt my knee. Now the scar is in red and brown color, feels very thick(raised) and sometimes gives me itches. This wound was having pus during the healing process but i had put Dettol antiseptic cream. I did not let the wound get contact with water at all for few weeks. Everything was fine, the dead cells peel off by itself. I had no idea what is causing it to be like that. Is there any way to improve this condition?

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Melarase Quantum White for dark scars

Our office specializes in scar treatment in Los Angeles. Topical Melarase creams including Melarase Quantum White can help reduce pigmentation of the scars and reduce scar color.  Scar therapy will also help with the scar volume and topography. 

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you have a raised scar which is known as a keloid. I would see a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon and ask about the injection of cortisone into this scar to make it flatter.this will have to be done several times on a monthly basis. It should make the scarf letter but it will never make it totally disappear.

Vicki J. Levine, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon

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