Waist Trainer?

I have awful lower belly fat that I just can't get rid of. Will a waist trainer help?

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Most likely not...

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Thank you for your inquiry!

Unfortunately, weight loss can be frustrating at times when results are not being seen quickly.  Abdominal fat can be caused by many factors such as hormonal imbalances, unhealthy eating habits, and hereditary obesity that may contribute to weight gain/loss. While there isn't an absolute truth or universal rule to weight loss, there are still solutions. 

I always suggest a balanced diet with the majority of your intake being from lean proteins, green vegetables, and drinking a lot of water throughout the day. You may also need to increase your exercise routine to more heart-challenging workouts such as interval exercises or full body cardio workouts. Weight loss procedures like the gastric balloon or the LapBand which encourage healthy portion control and decrease in appetite, may also be a great option for you.  If the waist trainer gives you the confidence to make the dietary/lifetstlye changes you need, then I encourage occasional use; however, it is not an effective tool in weight loss. I hope this answers your questions! 

Waist trainer.

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Unfortunately a waist trainer will not help your belly fat.  Only a weight loss diet or liposuction can help that.

Squeezing your fat belly into a waist trainer doesn't get rid of the fat

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A waist trainer is a nothing more than a corset. It will make you look thinner until you take it off. It will not magically evaporate your fat. Try eating less and exercising.

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Waist trainer

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Probably a waste of money. The deposition of fat in the central portion of the body is related to metabolic imbalances, hormonal imbalances and incorrect food choices. Assess and correct these areas and the central obesity will go away

Strick Mays, MD
Crestview Physician

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