Mixto Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment for Acne Scars on Darker Skin Types?

I'm an south indian with acne scars all over my face. Can Mixto Fractional CO2 be used to treat ? If not please recommend me best treatment or combination of treatments to get rid of these scars or at-least some improvement

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Fractional RF could work for you.

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You could consider a fractional resurfacing treatment with either a radiofrequency device or LASER. The RF fractional resurfacing has lesser downtime with quicker recovery. Make sure to use a sunscreen throughout your treatment, and try to stay indoors for the first day or two after the treatment.

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Acne Scars on a dark skin type person of Indian descent

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People with darker skin tones will need to be cautious with any resurfacing technique. The risk of hyperpigmentation and hyperpigmentation are the most concerning. Resurfacing can be done though. The pigment comes back eventually. There are other options to improve your scars such as excision, subcision, geometric line closure, grafting, fat grafting, fillers, etc. TCA Cross is another method to help your scars.

Philip Young, MD
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

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