What Does Milia Look Like?

I have a seed like growth that feels like it is more under the skin (on forearm) than a surface bump.

It does not really pop out. I only feel a slight raised area on the surface. Would that be milia?

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Need a picture

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This is difficult to tell. It is interesting that you descrilbe the lesiion as seed-like since milium is from the Latin word millet seed. They are pearly white or yellow and have a slight dome shape. Most occur on the face, but can occur in other areas especially if there has been an abrasion or surgery.

You should be able to see them as a discrete white papule that looks like it does not take much of an effort to squirt their contents out. Their contents, by the way, are keratin and they are the tiny baby brother to the epidermal inclusion cyst (often errroneously called a sebaceus cyst).

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