Will a Microdermabrassion Help? (photo)

I recently had a accident(36 days ago) leaving me with a 3 inch scar on the lower part of my face(lift side of my chin) and I also had a puncture 2 inches deep in my throat. I just wanna know how Long I should wait to get a microdermabrasion or if I should even get one at all. I have been putting mederma advanced scar gel.

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Scar treatment

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At this point, your scar is still young and maturing. It is red and a bit raised. For a topical, I would suggest some type of silicone gel or sheet to help with the thickness. There are many brands. I happen to keep some silicone products in my office that are Cimeosil which you can find online. I would do that in combination With sun screen and scar massage. Then, give it a few months. If needed, some laser treatment may help with any remaining pigment. Microdermabrasion may help soften your skin a bit but is not typically a very effective scar treatment. Remember, scars can take a year to soften and fade.


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