My Niece Has Adult Acne and is Trying to Get Pregnant. Would Laser Treatment Be Helpful for Her?

My niece has tried everything over the counter to rid herself of her adult onset acne. She is 26. The acne is around her chin and forehead. As she is trying to get pregnant Vitamin A would not be suitable. Would laser treatment be both safe and helpful? If so which type of laser and how many treatments is she likely to require? Otherwise is there any product you can suggest that can reduce or eliminate her unsightly acne? She is so miserable. Thank you in anticipation.

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Treatment of acne when trying to get pregnant

You are correct that most antibiotics and vitamin A derivatives should be avoided in pregnancy.  Benzoyl peroxide can be used safely.  You could do Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) with levulan and an appropriate light source (IPL) several times one month apart and receive significant improvement though this is considered "off label" and would probably not be covered by insurance.

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What acne products are safe with pregnancy

A purist would tell you nothing is safe with pregnancy and there certainly are products which are absolutely contraindicated including Accutane, oral antibiotics, Retin A and all retinoids.  Even topical antibiotics and salicylic washes and toners should be avoided although the risks with these is very low.  Benzyol Peroxides seem to be the safest of all acne meds during a pregnancy.  Light treatments with the Omnilux or the Sciton BBL Platform use blue and red lights to kill bacteria and to reduce inflammation.  They could certainly help control those components and may make those months with acne more tolerable during pregnancy.  

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