How to Make a Complaint to Medical Board?

Help! I a had Laser liposuction and the doctor left in the middle of the procedure, to do another consultation at the request of the office manager who walked into the O.R. in her street clothes. I went to a "center," and should have gone to a doctor's office in hindsight. Now I am having problems with pain, swelling, and bumps for 2 and a half weeks; but the center told me to go to my "primary doctor"! Please point me in the right direction.

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Liposuction and complaints

If you are unhappy with results or your care, I would talk to the treating doctor first, so that they can correct the situation and help you as well. If you are still unhappy with they way you were treated, and you feel the doctor isn't treating you properly ( i.e. poor professionalism) than you can probably contact your state medical board and lodge a complaint.

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