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Do you think plastic surgeons who go on talk shows or reality shows do it to gain fame and advertise their work? Are these doctors more talented in their profession?

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Media plastic surgeons

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As a plastic surgeon who has had a fair amount of media exposure, I can safely say patients should NOT choose their plastic surgeon on the basis of media exposure.

I am always appalled to see patients travel from afar sight unseen for their surgery, not really knowing anything more than what they have seen on an edited television piece.

Media can help a patient to get to know the personality and style of their prospective doctor, but is NOT a vetting process in most cases.  Some "prominent" plastic surgeons in the media are not even board certified, a minimum requirement in my opinion for selecting a surgeon.

So buyer beware, do your homework, check credentials, ask other doctors, read the CV, spend a few hours on one of the most important decisions many patients are likely to make.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Are reality and talk show plastic surgeons the best of the best

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That is a great question. In many instances, it may be to discuss a truly novel procedure or transmit medical information to the public. However, in other instances it is related to their ability to get on the show via their talent agent or PR personnel or be entertaining. For instance, without mentioning a name, one of the most popular plastic surgery TV shows presented numerous qualified and certified plastic surgeons but ended up retaining the one surgeon who had the most entertaining personality but IS NOT BOARD CERTIFIED!!! Guess who?

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Media and Plastic surgery

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There are many reasons that surgeons appear on TV. Sometimes they offer something very special like separating conjoined twins, while others have good contacts with the media through PR, etc..  It does not necessarily correlate with quality of work.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Media and plastic surgeons

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Some do it for fame and narcissism, some for advertising and marketing purposes and some just to educate the general public. Of those doctors some are average, some are above average and some are below average. The ability to get on television does not correlate directly with the ability to perform good safe surgery. Some doctors just know the right people (if you can call them right), others pay public realtions people or media outlets directly for this exposure. I hope that makes it clear why the media exposure does not correlate directly with the doctor's skills. Even if you meet a surgeon with great skills and excellent results with respect to a specific procedure he/she may still not be the ideal surgeon for a specific patient. A number of factors go into between the best surgeon for a specific patient including location, surgical skills, interpersonal rapport etc.

I am aware of a specific case of a surgeon operating on one of these shows in a non-accredited or certified operating room here in California which is illegal in California. If the viewing audience knew that right away I am sure that the exposure would have been a negative rather than a positive.

Aaron Stone, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Media and plastic surgeons

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The media is a mixed bag. Some media outlets are very legitimate and others are quite self-serving, and sometimes you can't tell them apart. I wouldn't necessarily condemn a surgeon for being in the  media but I would take everything you see and hear with a little grain of salt. Even some news stations don't really know the doctors and use their PR connections  to get doctors on their shows. My own opinion is that the national TV shows dealing with plastic surgery have sunk lower and lower in quality and purpose. As one of the first plastic surgeons on Extreme Makeover, I was very reluctant to be on the show but was convinced by the producers that their intent was respectable, and it was. However, it did not mean that I was any better or worse than other surgeons. Many current shows emphasize the entertainment side rather than the educational side and that is very unfortunate and distorting.

Robin T.W. Yuan, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Are the TV plastic surgeons the best?

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In general, the plastic surgeons who promote themselves on national TV are actually not the best craftsmen at their work.  Just as the best do not all work in Beverly Hills or NYC.  These are usually guys who want the fame from promoting themselves so you will THINK they are better and so that they can charge huge fees for their "talent."

Do you think plastic surgeons who go on talk shows or reality shows do it to gain fame and advertise their work?

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Regarding: "Media & Plastic Surgeons
Do you think plastic surgeons who go on talk shows or reality shows do it to gain fame and advertise their work? Are these doctors more talented in their profession

Visibility and name recognition sell books, music, films, fashion and expensive Plastic surgery. Do plastic surgeons go on talk shows or reality shows do it to gain fame and advertise their work? - Of course. These days, Plastic surgeons can easily publish innovations and present them at tens of conferences being held nearly every month across the globe where the audience would be OTHER Plastic surgeons.The ONLY reason Plastic surgeons go on talk shows (real or staged infomercials), do interviews and participate in "reality shows" is for the money.

For Plastic surgeons competing in the LA and New York market, among other wealthy markets, creating a buzz, brand and a name recognition as well as a"media portfolio" can mean millions of dollars in additional income. As a result, many Plastic surgeons in such cities use PR agents to place them on various shows. Without naming specific names, such individuals are not always the most talented surgeons or the leaders in their field.

I would not recommend you choose your surgeon based on his/her media interviews or portfolio but instead focus on his / her patient reviews, doctors' recommendations and the way you are treated by the surgeon and his/her office.

Dr. Peter Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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