Can my acne scars be cured with home remedies or must I go to the skin specialist to get rid of my acne scars? (Photo)

Hi,my skin used to be clean without any pimples nor acne but the problem is my skin is so dull and that's why for the last 6 months i went to a facial to get a glowing skin.After the facial my skin started to look like this(pictures below).Really regret for doing the facial.Fyi,i have a sensitive skin.What i meant by home remedies are using natural honey mask,lemon etc.Pls help me.It really ruins my self esteem.

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Acne scarring in darker skin

There are no home remedies for this. You need to see a doctor and get put on prescription medication to improve the acne and associated hyperpigmentation. The scarring needs energy based devices such as the Infini or laser resurfacing. Other methods include: PRP, TCA Cross, subcision, Bellafill.

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Acne Scars

It appears from your photos that you have deep acne and scars that need to be addressed by a board certified dermatologist. You will benefit from several sessions of eMatrix.  Best, Dr. Green

Home remedies for pitted pick, ice pick, box car scars

There is no home remedy that I know of that will get rid of that. Even a traditional resurfacing may do only subtle improvement. You need multiple methods to test the different aspects of your scars.

Philip Young, MD
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