Can my acne scars be cured with home remedies or must I go to the skin specialist to get rid of my acne scars? (Photo)

Hi,my skin used to be clean without any pimples nor acne but the problem is my skin is so dull and that's why for the last 6 months i went to a facial to get a glowing skin.After the facial my skin started to look like this(pictures below).Really regret for doing the facial.Fyi,i have a sensitive skin.What i meant by home remedies are using natural honey mask,lemon etc.Pls help me.It really ruins my self esteem.

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Treating acne scars involves invasive and specialized medical procedures, so it can't be done at home

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Thank you for your question. You submitted several photos, and ask if your acne scars can be cured with home remedies, or if you need to see a skin specialist. I appreciate you submitting these very good photos, with you describing going for a facial that you suspect caused your acne seems to  flare up. You add you have very sensitive skin.

I’ll give you a little understanding based on my experience. A little background: I’m a Board-certified cosmetic surgeon and Fellowship-trained oculofacial plastic and reconstructive surgeon. I have been in practice in Manhattan and Long Island for over 20 years. We actually treat acne scars a lot in our practice. We also treat active acne, particularly adult acne, in our practice with a variety of modalities.

For your question about acne scars, it’s very straightforward to understand the limitations of home remedies. To treat scars, you have to do something fairly invasive that requires professional knowledge and experience, so it can’t be done at home on their own. Unfortunately, we live in a time where people are able to access some pretty aggressive devices and chemicals to try to treat themselves at home, and I caution you against doing that as many people have done a lot of damage to themselves that way.

When you have an acne scar, it means there is lost tissue. The inflammation of cystic acne resulted in loss of particular areas of the skin and the body healed by creating scar tissue. Scar tissues are different types of depth, which we refer to as ice pick scars, boxcar scars, rolling scars, and atrophic scars. For acne scars, there are many options to help you, but if you are also dealing with active acne, there’s also necessary medical management of the active acne. We have in our practice a laser used for treating active acne.

The point is a professional is able to use lasers, other devices, injections, injectable fillers, anti-inflammatories, and prescription medications to help you address those types of scars, so you do need to see a specialist. In our practice, we have helped a lot of people with acne scars who had limited budgets and capabilities to do everything, but we’ve been able to help them through conservative approaches such as using platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to help improve collagen and skin quality. PRP is derived from your own blood, and is a concentration of the healing and growth factors needed when you have an injury like a cut, which is one example of treatment options.

You need a comprehensive diagnosis of what your issues are, what type of scars you have, and then a global but detailed plan optimal for your situation. You can then decide what you can or cannot do in the short-term, but always think of the long-term. When it comes to acne scars, I have observed over 20 years of practice that a lot of patients literally bounce from one doctor to another doctor, and from one technology to another. They try the latest and greatest miracle technology, when in reality, the miracle is in the doctor you choose who can guide you rationally. There is no way to eliminate the scars like you never had acne scars, but there are many ways to improve the appearance of scars.  I hope that was helpful, I wish you the best of luck, and thank you for your question.

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Acne scarring in darker skin

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There are no home remedies for this. You need to see a doctor and get put on prescription medication to improve the acne and associated hyperpigmentation. The scarring needs energy based devices such as the Infini or laser resurfacing. Other methods include: PRP, TCA Cross, subcision, Bellafill.

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Acne Scars

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It appears from your photos that you have deep acne and scars that need to be addressed by a board certified dermatologist. You will benefit from several sessions of eMatrix.  Best, Dr. Green

Home remedies for pitted pick, ice pick, box car scars

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There is no home remedy that I know of that will get rid of that. Even a traditional resurfacing may do only subtle improvement. You need multiple methods to test the different aspects of your scars.

Philip Young, MD
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