Acne scarring - dark skin tone. (photos)

My skin tone is dark, I seen a Dr yesterday and he told me that the laser would damage my face and surgery was best for me . Does anybody agree with him or should I see another Dr ?

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Skin treatment for dark type 4 and 5 skin

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Skin treatment for dark type  4 and 5 skin

Surgery is great for laxity,  i am a surgeon,  but skin needs treatment as well..  there are a variety of energy sources , like lasers, that can lighten and tighten skin,  improve acne scarring and get great results.

Clear and Brilliant,  RF microneedling,  microneedling,  skin care products.  chemical peels   can all help and provide improvements

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Acne scarring - dark skin tone

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Thank you for the pictures and question. It is very smart to set a second opinion especially when you are talking about surgery. I think the doctor was right when telling you that dark skin is very sensitive and laser should not be done unless the skin is very prepared for it with skin bleachers to help calm down the melanin for at least 5 months. You need to be very careful not to cause any trauma that will make the hyperpigmentation worse. You might benefit first from excision of the larger acne scars, skin bleachers that are not to harsh for your skin and micro needling treatments that can be done on all skin types. You need to take baby steps not to do anything that can make it worse. A second opinion is a good idea but I think this doctor was on the right track.

Bruce K. Smith, MD
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Treat acne scar type and skin type, see video for explanation.

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Firstly you exhibit active acne and PIH or post inflammatory skin darkening. I would seek advice from a general dermatologist to help fade the dark makes with creams and bleaching agents. Given your skin type, I, like many others would choose a microneedling device over lasers. You will need multiple treatments, including possibly filler and subcision (see video for expiation) depending on your scar type. All the best, Dr Davin Lim. Brisbane. Australia. 

Acne scarring type 5 skin

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I don't know what he/she means by surgery. I would treat the scars with the Infini, a needle based RF device. It is safe for dark skin. It needs about 3 treatments. Subcision, Bellafill, TCA cross and PRP can be added for additional improvements. Lasers are difficult with your skin type and I think the above measures have less side effects. Hyperpigmention needs Retin A and hydroquinones. Chemical peels will also help with the pigmentation.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
Panama City Facial Plastic Surgeon
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