What are these lines on my neck? (photos)

If you look closely I have several "white" crease lines on my neck. Are these wrinkles? I am 28 years old , 5'7, 108 pounds. Am I seeing muscle striations from the lack of fat or what? It is a lack of fat or what? Will micro needling help?

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Neck Crease Lines

Your description of the lines is quite accurate. These are crease lines which are due to the thickness of your skin, the relative lack of fat in the soft tissues and your genetics. I would not advocate fat grafting or fillers. That could result in lumpy lines in place of the creases. I have not found Botox to be of much help. Micro needling could help as might Ultherapy. With these techniques, among others, the skin is tightened which could diminish the look of creases. Having said all that, the problem is not that noticeable. Find a good plastic surgeon that can initiate treatment. See if it makes the lines better. 

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