Best Treatment for White Scars on Legs

I Have a Lots of White Scars on Both of my Legs,what's Best for Getting Rid of Scars?

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White Leg Scars

If these scars are traumatic in nature, unfortunately there is no treatment to remove or significantly diminish their appearance.

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? Idiopathic Guttate HypoMelanosis

If these were not trauma induced, they are probably guttate hypomelanosis. It is felt that these are caused by effete melanocytes; basically melanocytes that have taken too much of a punch from the sun and are essentially knocked out. I remember reading a study of this which attested  that it was more common in those with brown hair and brown eyes. It is more apparent in darker skin.

This is obviously a harmless condition and really only a cosmetic concern. 

Supposedly hitting these lesions with a touch of cryotherapy helps. After reading a study that showed this treatment was effective 90% I was all excited. However, I never felt this worked anywhere this often. Nonetheless, it is worth a try. Also the Eximer laser (the same one which works sometimes for vitiligo) is occasionally effective. Iroinically, PUVA treatment ( psoralen plus ultraviolet A) causes a similar appearing lesion called leukoderma punctata.

  I know you here this a lot from us dermatologists, but sunbathing would obviously make this worse so the use of sunscreens and physical barriers is encouraged.

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