Does a person need to wait to wear deodorant after my miraSmooth treatment?

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Deodorant use after MiraSmooth

I tell my patients to wait and see if they need to use it but if they are wanting to get back to deodorant as soon as possible I think 7-10 days is appropriate.  Best of luck!

Charlotte Dermatologic Surgeon
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The effects of miraSmooth and MiraDry are felt immediately with a reduction in the sweat and smell right away. However, the underarm will be swollen and sore for a few days. With this treatment, you may never have a need for deodorant again, but if you need it you should wait 7 to 10 days. Best, Dr. ALDO :)

Aldo Guerra, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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MiraSmooth and deodorant use

I recommend that you wait a week before you can use deodorants after miraSmooth.

Dr Karamanoukian

Hratch Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
Buffalo Phlebologist
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