Best procedure to even out skin texture and tone? (photos)

I have body acne on my chest and my back. They come and go and leave my skin with bumpy texture and uneven tone. My neck also has an uneven skin tone and so does my face.

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Solutions to smoothing out bumpy chest and back.

If you have the
money to spend to attain a smooth chest and back, the best procedure for this
is fractional laser resurfacingFive treatments of this every 4 weeks should
give you between 80 - 90% improvement in your chest and back skin provided that
the texture is of the mild type - similar to a sandpaper texture, not hills and
valleys and craters. This will not apply to skin texture that presents with a
smorgasboard of big undesirables like big bumps, deep pits and really dark

If you want to do
it yourself, start with sanding down your chest and back skin with grocery
brown sugar scrub. Make sure there is an assistant who can scrub down your
back. When you scrub, scrub it with moderate pressure. Srubbing it lightly will
not work. Just a waste of time. This should improve the texture a little bit.
If you are not satisfied with the itty-bitty result and still not considering
the expensive laser treatments, you may opt for weak acid peels performed in a
medical office. Strong acids are not for the chest and back. Be careful though
even if the acid is weak. It can leave you ugly post inflammatory
hyperpigmentation. If the acids work but still not enough,  don't waste your time anymore on other
inferior treatments and go for the best procedure. I hope this helps.

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Treating texture and tone in one treatment

Thank you for your question qandn. Texture and tone are common concerns both on and off the face. I have designed the Soft and Smooth Rejuvenation treatment to address both of these issues in one treatment for my patients. The first step is a Forever Young BBL IPL photofacial. The second is a Micro Laser Peel. A series of three to six treatments are recommended. Before and after photographs are available. Please consult with a doctor for specific recommendations.

Alex Eshaghian, MD, PhD
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