What procedure or diets work for men over 50 with potbelly stomachs? (photo)

I am a 53 year old male with a potbelly. I dont drink beer and cant seem to get rid of my stomach girth . I am.165 pounds 5'10" . All problems lies in my stomach. Working out / diet not working. Stomach is soft and can grab fat when sitting but when standing stomach is hard .

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You have visceral fat. Try the hcg diet.

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Visceral fat is excess fat inside your body around your internal organs. Your photo is a classic example of this. The hcg diet has worked very well to reduce this type of fat in many of my patients. Other diets might work, but few work as quickly or as consistently. I'm talking about real medical-grade injectable hcg, not over the counter versions with pills, drops or creams that have polluted the internet with all sorts of problems.

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