Bad dark circles + puffiness under eyes. I've used Queen Bee Cream but nothing happened. What can I do? (14 Years old) (Photo)

I am a male & 14 Years old. I've always had dark circles but they became really bad over the years. I've used "Queen Bee Cream" for well over 5 months but nothing happened. I also used to suffer from allergies (I don't know if I do now.) I also always feel itching in my nose + eyes swelling. I am partly african and I think this may be from heredity. Please provide me with answers :)

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Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes

Hi Alt.  Although you are a young person, there may be an opportunity for you to address these concerns.  

I would suggest waiting until you are at least 18, but if the issue persists at that time, then it may be worthwhile to consider a lower blepharoplasty.  This lower lid eye surgery could remove some of the darkening and bunched up skin below the eye and address the concerns you have.

If the pictures does not show you when you are having severe allergy issues then this is a genetic issue.

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