How Long Before Tissue Engineering is Available?

Can anyone give me a rough estimate as to how long it'll be before tissue engineering (or something along the lines of it) to produce unlimited amounts of tissue or cartilage for reconstructive or revision cosmetic surgeries (rhinoplasty in particular) is available to patients? about bone regeneration?

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Tissue engineering: In brief, no time soon despite minor triumphs

One of the largest impediments is the tort system in the USA. Any technology that promotes tissue growth also has the ptoential to promote unregulated or unchecked growth (essentially a tumor). Until that is achieved, which will be some time, a minimum of 10 years, it is unlikely that this will be a modality. That having been said, orthopedic surgeons have already transplanted cartilage cells harvested and cultured from an individual back into the knee under a periosteal patch. Plastic surgeons have harvested fibroblasts and have replicated them in culture and transplanted them back into the skin as fillers. Fibroblasts from human donor foreskins have been grown on tissue engineered substrates and used as skin grafts. A few other applications have also been used in which tissues have been engineered but it remains some time before they will have common everyday applications at a reasonalble cost with proven efficacy.

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