Keloid treatment using SRT-100. Will this give me a permanent cure?

I have keloids all over my body. Chest, shoulder, and in the private area which I assume is from the hair. What are the chances of a 'cure' or non-recurrence using the SRT-100 machine? Are there any doctors in Boston that use the SRT-100 treatment? Is it safe to use in the private area? Is this safe for patients who have had radiation treatment for previous cancer? As an international patient, how many treatments would I need using the SRT-100 machine?

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Options for keloid treatment

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I am one of the leading experts on keloids and would choose instead to use a combination protocol that includes IIT, lasers, and application of Pulsed dye laser to help smoothe out your keloid. Use Plato's Scar Serum twice daily. 

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