Under Eye Wrinkles, What Can I Do About Them?

I am only in my late teens but I'm already concerned about wrinkles under my eyes. I use eye cream and SPF daily but I am looking into surgical procedures to help the improve the slight ones I do have and try and prevent more from appearing. What would you suggest were the best treatments to have? I thought Botox but was told by a friend that you can't inject Botox right under the eye, I don't know if this is true of not though. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Eye Wrinkles Management

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An exam would be required to offer the best advice but here are some options that help many with your same problem: 

Use of fillers - such as Restylane, Jeuvederm or other HA fillers - especially if there is hollowing beneath your lids

Make sure you wear sunglasses when it is bright outside and use visual correction if needed - that is because squinting may be a cause of these wrinkles

Use of peels or laser - TCA peel or Fractionated lasers may also help

Use Retin A at night and moisturizers  to help thicken the dermis and minimize wrinkling 

Botox - not used beneath your eyes but effective for Crow's feet area

Botox under eyes?

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Hi Laila.  At your age, it may be worth considering injection (dermal) fillers.  We use Restylane under the eyes and have treated patients as young as 18 for fine lines or hollows under the eyes.  This is a far easier procedure and may yield the results you want for much less money and without surgery.

Take a look at the photos below that demonstrate how to treat the under eye area with Restylane.  Good luck.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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