Dry patches leaving acne like scars, indentations, etc

Do you have any idea why my skin has tiny dry patches because they are leaving holes and scars in my skin. I moisture after cleansing morning and evening. Can't get my head round it.

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Hidef acne Scar Protocol in Los Angeles

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I would recommend seeing a local dermatologist to help soothe your skin followed by an acne scar specialist to help with the acne scars. We use the Hidef Acne Scar Protocol for indented acne scars. 

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Acne Scars

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There seems to be a confusion that I can't answer without photos.  Could you post the question with photos to be of more help? It is possible that there is acne underneath the dry patches and that is why it is damaging your skin.  These scars can be treated with a combination of lasers. Best, Dr. Green

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