Lip Scar Treatment

I recently had a fever blister that healed but it left me with a very uncomfortable scar on the edge of my lips and it will not go away, any suggestions on treatment?

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Time is a great healer

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Time is a great healer. But in the meantime, lasers, intralesional steroids, and similar can assist.  Avoid further outbreaks by taking anti HS medication the moment you notice a fever blister coming on.

Newport Beach Dermatologist

Painful tender scar of the lip following fever blister

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This could be due to several conditions. Allowing this to heal will likely improve the pain. However, if it is due to ongoing infection (bacterial or viral) it may not heal until this condition is treated first. IF it doesn't resolve within 2 weeks, I would seek evaluation by a physician for possible medical treatment prior to considering scar management

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