How to Remove Upper Lip Hair?

I am a Hispanic female an I have hair on my lip. I wax but it keeps coming back. What should I do and how much would it cost?

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Wax on Upper Lip

After waxing, shaving, etc. your hair will still grow back. The hair might not grow back as fast or thick, but it should still come back. If this is a reoccurring problem, there are laser hair removal treatments you could do on a low setting. The Cutera Gentle Lase would be a great laser for somebody with your skin type.

The prices range on the laser hair removal. You would need a consultation with a laser tech for prices and about how many treatments you might need.

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Laser hair removal should be considered for upper lip hair

Waxing and electrolysis are the standard forms of temporary hair removal. The only more permanent form of hair reduction is through laser treatments. They are more costly ($150 to $200 per treatment of the upper lip) and require multiple sessions (four to six), but some permanent elimination of some hair follicles and the slowing of growth in others will occur. With your darker skin, make sure you go to an experienced laser hair treatment center to avoid upper lip burns and potential hypopigmentation problems.

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