I need to lose weight. What can I do?

I'm a teenage girl and I need to lose weight please help me. I've tried dieting and excersising but it hasn't helped I need to lose it by a weeks time.

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Weight loss

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take an excel sheet and create columns one for each day of the month and create rows for following-- break fast, lunch, dinner, snacks, sleep, work out, sugary drinks . at end of the month sit down and review what all you ate and drink on daily basis. most of the time you will find some thing that is un healthy that is leading to weight gain.
Mean while continue to follow some life style changes-- avoid candy, sugary drinks, lattes, and work out regularly and drink a lot of water. try to include some activity in to your life style-- ex walking more, taking stairs, standing and walking every few minutes during prolonged sitting periods etc. 

and finally if none of this works, see your doctor.

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Weight Loss Tips

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Thank you for the inquiry!

Due to your age and nature of your question, I suggest speaking to your pediatrician or pediatric dietician in your area about finding a lifestyle plan that fits you. What I can suggest to you is following a balanced diet rich in vegetables, nuts, protein, and healthy snacks. Also, you can look into increasing your exercise activity to aid in weight loss. Extracurricular actives after school such as joining a sport team may be a great option for you! With the consent of your parents, medical weight loss programs such as the ones offered at my practice could be beneficial for you so long as you follow your personalized plan to ensure the best results.

Best of luck

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