Can I Still Lift Heavy Weights After Rectus Plication?

I am a 25 yr old man that lost about 200 lbs over 2 years via diet and exercise. I am in great shape now, and lift heavy weights. I am concerned that having the plication along with my abdominoplasty may permanently disable me from lifting (after the appropriate healing time of course). My workouts are very important to me, and I was wondering if maybe it would be better to skip the plication. Also, if the plication were to bust open, what kind of complications can that cause?

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Muscle tightening sutures with abdominoplasty

Prior to losing the 200 pounds you had extra fat under the abdominal skin and extra fat in the abdomen under the muscles. That intra-abdominal fat usually stretches the connection between the rectus muscles. Therefore most of the patients in your situation require rectus plication or suture tightening at the time of abdominoplasty. If it is required I do not recommend skipping it because doing so would detract from the end result. After some months the connecting tissue between the rectus muscles shrinks so the sutures are likely no longer required. If the stitch breaks or pops the effect is dependent on whether continuous or multiple interrupted sutures were placed and how long after surgery the break or pop occurs. Within 4 to 6 weeks of surgery you should be able to do most exercises. If you do iron man works with thousands of sit ups you will have to wait longer to return to that level of excercise. In the absence of vomiting reactions to general anesthesia seromas are more common from too early a return to activity than suture rupture is.

If you look at the referenced blog video I think you will decide to have the muscle plication.

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Plication after weight loss

It is difficult for me to tell you whether or not you could benefit from plication withotu an exam. Be that as it may, even if you have plication, a few months down the road you should be able to do your routine workouts.

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