Can Lifestyle Lift Be Done After Having Bio-Alcamid Put in Cheeks?

I had Bio Alcamid permanent injections put into my cheeks a couple of years ago. Now I am interested in the lifestyle lift, but not sure if that can be done due to the Bio Alcamid.

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Can Lifestyle Lift Be Done After Having Bio-Alcamid Put in Cheeks?

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 Bio Alcamid, IMO and experience has a tendency to move around within the tissues of the face and for that reason, it's use like all permenent fillers isn't recommended.  The Bio Alcamid might be an issue with any type of face Lift...even thjough I'm not a fan of the branded mini face lift versions as I have no way of knowing if they meet my requirements of a good, reliable face lift.  

 IMHO, I'd remove the Bio Alcamid that's a ticking time bomb IMHO and then have a suitable reliable type of Face Lift.  If you need cheek augmentation, I'd use an off the shelf temporary filler like Perlane or Radiesse or Cheek Implants if appropriate.  I hope this helps.

 Remember there's no inherent magic in any plastic surgery procedure or filler.  The magic resides in the surgeons ability to understand and follow the proper aesthetics of facial beauty for the creation of a naturally, more attractive face.  

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