Laser Treatment a Month After Taking Sotret?

My skin is very sensitive and got a scar on my nose cause of glyco A cream which burned my skin. My derm told me to take 20mg sotret tab for a month and then he could give 1 month break and then treat me with laser. Do you think this derm is good?

Cause I read that after takin sotret tab one should not get laser treatment for 18months. Am worried plz help. I don't want my nose scar to become permanent cause of the derm's mistake.

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Would Not Risk It

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I do not want to second guess a colleague and maybe they have more experience in this matter than I have. However, I think that only a single month wait before a laser would be too risky. Most likely there would not be a problem, but there definitely have been very poor outcomes when Iso-Tretinoin was given before laser treatment. I feel a month is much too short a time to wait.

Virginia Beach Dermatologist

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