Best Laser Treatment for Cystic Acne?

I am 42 years old. I have perioral dermatitis and have cycstic acne on my face as well as brown spots. In my early 20's I did take a low dosage/short course of Accutane. It did clear things up (mostly) for many years. Which Laser treatment would be the best option?

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Isolaz would be my first choice

There is never just one options for any problem, but Isolaz would be my first choice for these reasons:

1. The IPL energy would help the peri-oral dermatitis as well as the pigmentation problem.

2. The pneumatic component would evacuate the cysts and resolve them quicker

3. The blue light component kills the bacteria in the pores.

I usually combine with Tazorac and suggest you complete a full series of 5 sessions.

Good luck

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