Laser for Stretch Mark Removal?

My daughter has not been pregnant, has never weighed more than 105 lbs and, does not have implants of any type. However, she has large stretch marks which she developed when she was about 12 or 13 on top of her buttocks (lower back) and inside her thighs. She wants to get these lasered. She is under the impression that laser removes them. Will it help? If not, which procedure for stretch mark removal would be best?

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Fraxel the best of a not terribly effective Lot

Spontaneous stretch marks in adolescents are not uncommon. The areas you describe as developing in your daughter are also the typical areas.

Unfortunately, there is not too much that can be done for stretch marks that have entered the red (striae rubra) stage. Of those methods that are available, the Fraxel type of laser is the one that seems to be the most effective.

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