Why Can't You Get Laser Stretch Mark Removal While Nursing?

And is there alternatives other than cream that works as well as laser?

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Concerns about product liability may limit use od technology

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Stretch mark removal will never be possible unitl we can figure out how to regenerate the skin. As Dr. Aldea has stated, concerns about possible product liability have prompted  many manufacturers as well as practitioners limiting the applications of devices and medications.

Stretch mark "removal" is impossible

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Re-read Dr. Aldea's comments please and add to that the fact that there is no way to "remove" stretch marks with lasers or any cream.  They might be lightened, but they will not be removed! 

Cosmetic Surgery while Nursing

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If you close your eyes and listen, the buffalo of yesteryear have been completely replaced by thundering herds of lawyers. They roam our plains and our cities. They are on our billboards, Internet TV and Radio. " INJURED? ...CALL ME" ads are everywhere. Everywhere you look, they smile at you soliciting your business.

It is extremely expensive to bring a device or drug to the American market. It is prohibitively expensive to PROVE that approved drugs or devices are ALSO safe on to be born fetuses or nursing children. As a result, rather than spend these resources for a small fraction of the market, the vast majority of companies don't even try. They just post advisories on their products telling patients and doctors that this drug/device was not tested in the unborn or infants, leaving it up to the patient and doctor to decide if they want to take a chance however remote it may be. The vast majority of doctors choose not to "go there"

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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