Which Laser is Best for my Skin??

I'm Indian,34 years old.I tend to hyperpigment easy & have been too MANY dermatologists re my skin.Have had peels, rolling etc etc. Of late, I met a Dr who recommended Fraxel, then another Dr who said that Erbium CO2 would be more effective for me. The Erbium is R30000, and requires a day in hospital. The Fraxel R15000 and an hour session. I want the best results with no or little post laser issues like darkening etc. Which laser will be best for my Skin type, I have ice pick scarring on my face.

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I would recommend Fraxel Restore 1550 or Syneron eMatrix fraction radiofrequency treatments and a new treatment the DermaPen

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Fraxel Restore 1550, eMatrix and DermaPen needling can treat pitted scars on dark skin without postinflamatory hyperpientation.

Salt Lake City Dermatologic Surgeon
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PIH and laser for certain Fitzpatrick skin types

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In addition to picking the best lasers, it is important to treat post-inflammatoty hyperpigmentation. I recommend Melarase to improve hyperpigmentation as well as Scler-X, a post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation relief complex. Scler-X is an oral supplement that is taken for 3-6 months or more. See link below. 

Indian skin type and acne scarring

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With you dark skin type you have to be really careful doing resurfacing and go into it knowing that you are more susceptible of having hyper and hypopigmentation. But a multiple layered approach is best and this is going to change the way we approach acne scarring. I often use co2 laser resurfacing with this approach. Excisions and TCA CROSS method with deep chemical peeling are the other adjunctive procedures I think work.

Philip Young, MD
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