How Much Does Labs for CBC, PT, PTT, Basic Metabolic Panel, and Serum Qualitative Pregnancy Test Cost Without Insurance?

Or does insurance cover blood testing for (cosmetic) rhinoplasty? Also my surgery is in June in California. I've already bought plane tickets. However my surgeon will not send me pictures of the possible outcome he thinks he can achieve. Why is that? He said he will do it when I arrive. Also, is there a doctor here located in Cali do consults for free that can send me pictures of a possible outcome? I just want to sort of get an idea.

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How much do labs cost?

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It's hard to say exactly how much labs will cost. It depends on the lab that you use. For most of our patients the cost for pre-operative labs is usually between $150-$200. If the labs are being done for medical reasons, such as annual physical exam your insurance will usually cover the cost depending on what your copay or deductible status is.

I think it is unreasonable for a surgeon to send simulated before and after pictures without having seen you. I would wait until the consultation with the surgeon before getting the before and after simulation.

Newport Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon

Sending possible outcome pictures on the internet without examination

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I I think some of these .sites on the internet that image you and promise results are insane. A doctor cant tell your result without seeing you. Patients can look at websites and see patients like themselves and extrapolate what the result will be. Congratulations to your honest and ethical doctor for not getting involved in cyber games

Richard Ellenbogen, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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