Severe acne scars treatment choice?

i have severe acne scars on my back and chest which are the result from old large cystic acne. These large cystic acne left me with stretched skin, deep bumpy surface and dark purple pigmentation. i am considering fractional co2 or pixel rf..... which one would you recommend?

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Acne scar treatment

It is hard to give you a specific answer without photos or an in-person evaluation. However, in general, I see best results for acne scars with combination treatments including non-ablative skin resurfacing and microneedling. Fillers, subcision, and chemical peels can also be used to improve scars. Vascular lasers are often used when treating vascular scars. My recommendation is that you see an experienced practitioner, one that has a clinical interest and practice focus on acne scar treatments. 

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