What Kind of Procedures Could Improve my Blotchy Arms?

I'm 60 years old. My forearms have a lot of white spots and it looks like the darker pigments are fading very unevenly and look blotchy in some areas. This started about 2 years ago and I'm pretty sure it is due to aging. I was wondering what king of skin procedures, like chemical or laser peels or any other type of dermabrasions I could consider. I have tried bleaching creams and licorice soaps and use scrubs and of course strong sunblock, but I think I need something more drastic.

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White spots on arms and legs

The condition that you are describing is called idiopathic guttate hypomelanoiss. I would suggest confirming it by having a dermatologist evaluate. If it is what I think, then there is no efffective treatment for this condition.

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